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Imara is a specialist charity in Nottingham that supports children, young people and their families following a disclosure or discovery of child sexual abuse and domestic abuse. Charity no. 1170331.

In line with Imara’s arts-based approach, Imara is hosting a charity art auction to raise funds for its services for children and families affected by sexual abuse and domestic abuse. All pieces on display on this website are available to buy, with full proceeds going towards Imara

The art has been generously donated by professional and local artists across Nottinghamshire and the UK. Original paintings, small sculptures, high quality and limited edition prints - there is something to suit every artistic style and taste!     


Maybe you have found yourself staring at a lounge wall that could do with some life, or a coffee table needing a little touch. Please take a look at the wonderful art we have available and make a bid!

how to bid

Our charity auction will be an online silent auction which means you will not be able to see how many others have submitted bids or for what amount so please bid the maximum you would be willing to pay for the artwork.

When bidding, please bear in mind that some of our artwork has a reserve price (the minimum price the artist has set for the piece) of between £10-295.

On Friday 26th July, we will be in contact with bidders to inform them of their standing in case they'd like to make another bid before the deadline of midnight Sunday 28th July.

The highest bidders will be contacted on Monday 29th July to arrange payment and collection/delivery of the artwork. 

Fill in this form to make a bid.

workshops and events

Throughout the week of our art auction, we will also be running workshops at the Nottingham Society of Artists Gallery. See below for our current workshops, and to book your ticket! 

Tuesday, 23 July

Simunigashi Workshop with Iggy Studios (creating art with floating ink) - 1-2pm

Wednesday, 24 July

EFT Tapping with Anxiety and Sleep Specialist, Stella Jade - 1-2pm

Thursday, 25 July

Imara Charity Art Auction Celebration Event - 6-8pm

Friday, 26 July

Reverse Colouring Zine Workshop with Iggy Studios - 1-2:30pm


Nottinghamshire Society of Artists (near the castle)

71 Friar Lane




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